You CAN have your dream career. You JUST have to get out of your way.

And I’m going to show you how to OWN all the bits of you that everyone said you “shouldn’t” be so you can take the reigns, get clarity, and take confident action toward the life and career you want.

I'm going to show you how I show all my clients their most potent powers…their abilities to be the leaders they know they are, deep down.

You will NOT find your typical training for corporate women in this space. Period.

That was the old paradigm.

It’s time we usher in a brand new one.

And I can help you do that because I was once where you are…

Woman head down at work

In a thankless, soul-sucking career where I was told I should just be grateful I even HAVE a job

Feeling STUCK and like nothing will ever change because I applied at 9.76M different companies with ZERO results (until…!)

Hating myself because I was “too much”, “too ambitious”, “too aggressive” and I thought, “If only I could just be who they wanted me to be…”

Doubting every single move I made

But that’s not how this works. You and I? We were meant for more.We know it. That’s why I’m here.

That’s why you and I need to do this work. So you can tap into you. Tap into what a brand new energy in life and your career would look and feel like if you actually OWNED your gifts.

When you step into HER, you become the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of your life, in charge of your emotions and where you expand your energy, attracting your dream career, and protecting yourself from the energy vampires who currently bleed you to death.


The career that you’ve grown stagnant in is no longer your only option.

You don’t have to stop at manager…you get to be LEADER.
When your career supports who you are INSIDE?
Life becomes a whole lot happier. A lot easier. And fills your soul.

You are HER
You get to CHOOSE to be HER
You get to have EVERYTHING you dream of

…When you and I break down your barriers to the career & the life you know you deserve.

Ashley Marie sitting in chair with blue pants, black top, blonde hair and leopard shoes with a serious face

Ways we can work together:

Elevate Her Energy Planner & Masterclass

Create the vision, lay out the strategy with me, then work the plan, and monitor your progress. 

THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to hit your goals than with an INTEGRATED planner that seamlessly melds together, work, life, and business. 

 This is a number one tool in the hands of those who are becoming HER.

The Elevated Leader

Where women come to elevate themselves to their full potential 

Personal and professional success re-defined with a proven process that thousands have used to unlock their next level of success.

Career Strategy VIP Experience

When you are ready for your evolution…join me for a 1-Day VIP Experience where you and I will go through my HER Method™ to help you shed your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, create a real and actionable plan, and unlock your next level of personal and professional success. 

Ready to make some moves?


Book a call with Ashley to discuss partnering with you to reach your limitless potential!


Fill out the intake form prior to your call with Ashley to maximize your time together.


Partner with Ashley to put a game plan in place to get you to the next level of success with ease.

Introducing Your Hype Woman

Ashley Marie


Ashley Marie(she/her) is the CEO of Ashley Marie Coaching, a career development, and personal growth company and the hype woman everyone wants in their corner.

She is a Professional Certified Career Coach by an ICF-accredited program and a trauma informed mindset practitioner. Ashley is a smartly disruptive thought leader changing the consciousness conversation in corporate organizations and her approach  when working one on one with clients has been described as "the loving and radically honest person you need to actually get out of your own way".

She leverages her background in psychology, people/talent strategy, and DE&I to help individuals and organizations cultivate best practices for career development. She has spoken on stages, facilitated training, workshops, and retreats for audiences ranging from 5 to 500+ attendees.

Ashley has a no-nonsense and practical approach blending strategic insights, quantum physics, and metacognition to provide a transformation that is the foundation for personal and professional growth for individuals and organization.


Client ❤️

ipad with image of woman in white tank holding hand on heart with the words Elevate Her Energy Visualization

Ready to uncover what your dream life actually looks and feels like?

Then you don’t want to miss this epic guided visualization. This is not like anything else you have ever experienced I guarantee it. You will have a clear path forward to elevate to your fullest potential and start working towards creating your dream life & career. 

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