Earn the salary you deserve…and finally get cash- comfortable 

Wake up in the place you’ve dreamt of living in for literal years

Take the lead in your career with the competitive edge that you always longed to have…all because you dared to dream the quiet dream …and GO FOR IT

It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore.

In the messy middle, it FEELS like those things are just out of reach …UNTIL YOU EVOLVE YOUR IDENTITY

Hi, I'm Ashley Marie

And I’m here to tell you that, together, we are going to GRASP all of what you crave…with both hands. 

With the identity evolution and career strategy that you have been missing. 

No more playing small. 

No more waiting for someone to tell you you CAN. 
It’s time for you to CLAIM THE LEVEL OF SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE. That space where you can live the best version of your life, whether it’s through promotion,  changing industries, lateral moves, or even taking a step back. 

All you need? Is one day. 

With me. 

And you’ll be ready to OWN it.

I am the QUEEN of career strategy & personal evolution & I’ve helped clients go from sending out loads of resumés at once to only FIVE in a week

…one of which landed the desired position. 

I’ve helped people completely shift industries so they could actually LOVE their careers again. 

Ashley Marie sitting in chair with blue pants, black top, blonde hair and leopard shoes with a serious face

Self - Belief

Results Driven

Taking Action

The deal is, I know how you feel. I do. I’ve been there. And it sucks.

I’ve been told to be thankful I’ve even had a job and to keep working hard because I didn’t deserve the promotion I was vying for. 


I’ve been in the same soul-sucking position you’re in. 


And it’s not worth it. 


It’s literally not worth it. 


YOU, however, are worth all the effort it will take to get you into the position you want to be in. 

EVOLUTION begins In the Mind


Let me ask you a question…

Why do you put up with a career that is SO not for you??

You deserve more. 

You deserve better. 

You deserve your dreeeeeaaaaaams. 

I help women like you achieve those dreams. 


Client Oriented


Sucess Minded

Get the Offer Letter You Have Been Waiting For

When you go through my HER Method™ with me inside my Career In a Day VIP Day to…


As long as you let fear and doubt keep telling you lies…you’ll stay where you are. 


As your biggest Hype Woman ever, you can borrow my belief in you
Because I know deep down? You KNOW you can have what you desire and you are CAPABLE of claiming it


All you have to do is SAY YES to elevating HER work 

Ashley Marie Coaching - Thought Loop

See what Vanessa had to say about her experience

When your career is ON TRACK
Your life follows suit!

Position Yourself As THE Leader They’re Looking For

When you have UTTER and UBER clarity, not only about who you are but also where you’re headed, 

nothing can stop you. 


Allow yourself the gift of KNOWING so you can finally position yourself as the leader they are looking for

…and as the leader you truly are

Calling in the salary you desire

When you step into your brand new position, you won’t be stepping in at the salary level you’re at now.

Or even at entry level, regardless of your experience

You’ll start with a salary that’s either close to what you have or far above. 


“After 1 salary negotiation session with Ashley, I was confident to push back on the offer 

I was initially given which landed me a $25k salary increase”


Because you have done the work to show up at the highest level of HER possible.

Client ❤️


No more hating your face as you drag yourself out of your comfy bed on a Monday morning.

Instead, you’ll remember how much you ADORE your career as soon as you open your eyes

And you’ll bound out of bed to get ready. 

Can you IMAGINE? 

I can. 

Because when you love your career, everything else seems to shine, too.

I’ve seen all of my clients shift OUT of hating their weekdays and into LOVING them when we work to land them the careers they truly crave.


No more wondering WHEN you’re going to get your big break 

Because we’re going to create that big break together! 


Yes…YOU. YOU have the balls to make all of this happen. I KNOW YOU DO. I’ve seen it happen. And I help you close the gap on how long it takes. One day with me changes everything.

When we’re done…
Client ❤️
Why Me?

7+ industries.
That’s how many times I fought to climb the corporate ladder (and succeeded).

Toxic office life is no place to stay. In fact, when my mom was battling pancreatic cancer, I needed to be off to be with her to help her through her treatments. 

My management team didn’t understand that. They didn’t think it was professional of me to want to support the woman who gave me life (and gave them an employee they could push around).

That was the wake-up call I needed to get out of that place. 

When I look back across all of the industries I’ve worked in and all the moves I made to get where I wanted to be in each one of them, I realize how much EASIER and BETTER my life & careers would have been if I’d had a mentor by my side.

Who knows what table I’d be seated at the head of right now if I’d had someone to show me what to do. Instead, I created MY OWN table inside AND outside of corporate. 

…So YOU can take the seat at the head of your own table. 

This is my calling: To be your biggest hypewoman until you believe in you as much as I do. 

To make sure that you have to set NEW goals because you’ve already achieved your 5-year ones, 3 years early.

I'm Ashley Marie Fernandez
And you and I are about to change your career. And your life.
Client ❤️


We’ll meet at a luxury location in the PA/NY/NJ area where we’ll:

You leave with The Career Confidence Code which includes:

I Can Help You Get Where You Dream To Go

With my intimate knowledge of career and corporate ladder climbing, I’m able to help women like you realize your dreams by realizing your true & highest potential 

by dissolving the chatter in your mind & heart that keep telling you why you need not bother with advancing your career or looking for one you’ll truly love. 

Investment $8,500 USD

A VIP Day That Pays For Itself Early On AND Gets You An ROI??


I take your success seriously and when our VIP Day is over, you’re EVOLUTION will have BEGUN. And there will be no stopping you. 

The result? Demanding the career & salary you want. And getting them both. 

Go from $70K to $100K, easily. 

Shift from $96K to $120, effortlessly. 

HOW? Because you are no longer allowing yourself to settle.
And the voices in your head are now saying, “Fuck YES. Let’s DO this!”

Who is a Career In a Day VIP Day Best Suited For?

Some additional deets:

1-1 Private Calls

To ensure we make the most of our kick-ass day together we have a pre-retreat kickoff call and 90 day post-implementation call

Voxer Access

After you leave our EPIC day you will continue to have ah-ha moments, questions pop up, and want to celebrate your wins – that is where post-VIP Voxer support comes in.

Custom Action Plan

You not only get to have the one and only Career Confidence Blueprint which is game-changing. You will also leave with a clear action plan to implement. 

If you've still got questions for or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, I don't roll like that