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Official Bio

Ashley Marie(she/her) is the CEO of Ashley Marie
Coaching, a career development, and personal
growth company and the hype woman everyone
wants in their corner. She is a smartly disruptive thought leader changing the consciousness conversation in corporate organizations and her approach  when working one on one with clients has been described as “the loving and radically honest person you need to actually get out of your own way”.

Ashley has a no-nonsense and practical approach
blending strategic insights, quantum physics, and
metacognition to provide a transformation that is
the foundation for personal and professional
growth for individuals and organizations.


Change conversations surviving a toxic work environment

Surviving toxic work environments

In this feature, Ashley talks about how to identify if you are in a toxic work environment, what do do if you are in one and how fear plays a role in holding us back

Girlfriend Guide to salary negotiation

Tired of asking for a raise and getting shot down?

In this feature, Ashley talks about how to plan your ask strategically and best practices to prepare yourself to get the money you deserve!

Navy background with photo of Ashley Marie in pink pants and white shirt sitting on step. Podcast episode on Seeking Inner Brilliance

How to define success on your terms

Ashley and Charsley discuss doing all the things externally yet feeling like something is missing and what happens if you could do something where you feel so aligned and pumped up everyday.

Engaged Company Culture Podcast episode text. Photo of Ashley marie sitting in a chair with blue pants and black top.

Why engaging everyone is the secret to culture change

Ashley & Dr. Catherine discuss the importance of engaging individuals to drive inclusivity and change corporate culture.

Four Diverse Women Sitting at a Table Working

Remote Management Tips for Top-Level Managers

In this feature Ashley helps to share tips and tricks around managing remote teams. 

Business Insider Logo

How to have an effective performance review when working remote

In this feature Ashley helps to break down the differences between these ways of communication, tools to support and best practices.

Worthy Mother Podcast feature with Ashley marie coaching

Why you need to stop equating your worth to your work

Ashley & Emily have an honest  conversation around valuing what we want and creating a life that feels good .The reasons so many women feel some what unfulfilled and the importance of having fun!

I Choose Me Podcast

The importance of feeling your feelings

Ashley & Wendy have a no bs conversation around the importance of feeling your feelings, what to do when it hurts and practical ways to move through the feelings that might be coming up for you.

Photo of Ashley marie blonde hair and greenery in background. Podcast episode for having a CEO mindset on Career Builders podcast

CEO Mindset for your career

This conversation in all about why you should be the boss of your own professional life, and understanding how to embody that.

Side hustle podcast episode green and pink aquare background with photo of Ashley marie, blonde hair and blue and white jacket

New ways to look at your side hustle

We talk about: Having an honest conversation about whether or not to change jobs when you’re side hustling, the mindset change to make, how the scarcity mindset around money keeps us playing small and so much more!

Remote.Co Communication Hybrid Teams

Synchronous and Asynchronous communication for remote teams

In this feature Ashley helps to break down the differences between these ways of communication, tools to support and best practices.

How to interview for a job remotely

In this feature Ashley talks about best practices for job interviews still stand, there are even more variables to take into consideration with these interview formats.

Ready for a career change, but not sure to what?

In this feature Ashley talks about how to figure out your next move when you are thinking about a career change.

Hear what John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast has to say about Ashley

ipad with image of woman in white tank holding hand on heart with the words Elevate Her Energy Visualization

Ready to uncover what your dream life actually looks and feels like?

Then you don’t want to miss this epic guided visualization. This is not like anything else you have ever experienced I guarantee it. You will have a clear path forward to start working towards creating your dream life & career. 

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