Hey I'm Ashley

aka Your Hype Woman

From having to spend my nights pouring up the best drinks in the wildest city in the world… To a 6-figure career in an environment that allows me to continue developing professionally so I can help develop the leaders of tomorrow…like you. And owning my own business…

You can, too!

Once upon a time, I worked in a cubicle farm, maybe like you, where you could find me in my suit, hair slicked back in a bun…head slumped over my arms in between calls.

Then, I’d change clothes and go to my night job as a bartender in the hottest bars in NYC.

woman head down on desk


I was miserable. And nobody knew. Everyone thought I was happy and successful. Only part of that was true. 

And when my mom, my hero, needed me most when she was battling cancer, my management team didn’t think I was professional in asking to be there to support her. 

That was the straw that broke that proverbial camel’s back. 

Life HAD to be more than hateful office environment BS and staying up all night to sling drinks. 

But every time I’d get another leg up the ladder and think everything was going to change. 

It didn’t.

I was tired of letting the misery of a toxic environment I was in seep into my personal life because when you are miserable at work…life follows suit.


I still hated my job. I was still living the same nightmare, over and over again. 

And I still knew I was meant for more. 

It turns out I was right…just like YOU.

When I did the mindset work and got my hands on the strategy I needed to really make a difference and GO FOR that job I wanted…

I went for it. 

And I landed it. 

Now? No more cubicle farms.

No more tending bar (now I tend a toddler and a teen!).

I even get to grab 5 mins to Netflix and Chill with my hubby. 

No more toxic environment. 

No more hating going to work on Monday mornings. 

On top of that, though…

I was also able to establish my own company helping women like me get out of soul-sucking careers they find themselves stuck in.

THAT, my friend??

Is (one of ) MY superpower(s). 

My other superpower is helping organizations cut through the performative DE&I statements to create a culture of conscious inclusion. It’s time we shift the dynamic and get people comfortable with the uncomfortable and stop the “check the box” BS they do. 

I have worked in Fortune 500 recruiting, hospitality management, healthcare, and public accounting. I’m also a  certified mindset coach. I know what it takes to shatter the mental blocks that hold people back. And I understand the unwritten rules of how to successfully navigate corporate America.

And everything I went through in the last decades was preparing me for this! 

It was preparing me for YOU

It was giving me the tools I need to take women like you to YOUR next level

And I’m ready.

If you, like me, are: 


A go-getter

Willing to see what you can become

And you know that YOU are meant for a career you ADORE that makes you happier than a mojito on a beach in Puerto Rico or in Nice, France on a summer night…


Then, click that button below, and let’s UNLOCK YOUR NEXT LEVEL YOU.

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